Swamp ‘N’ Sweep


Kissimmee, Florida

Swamp Girl Adventures hosts several Swamp N Sweeps per year giving the public a chance to get hands on in making a difference in our communities by cleaning up local areas in need and removing invasive plants the impact our environment. 


Pet Amnisty Days

In collaboration with FWC Swamp Girl Adventures has hosted several exotic pet Amnesty Day events. These events are important educational opportunities that also provide the opportunity for exotic pet surrenders, with no questions asked. The goal of pet Amnesty Day events is to allow people the opportunity to surrender a pet they can no longer keep rather than releasing the animal Into the Wild. Releasing exotic animals into the wild can cause a heavy impact on our native wildlife and habitats. If you need to surrender an exotic pet you can do so between pet Amnesty Day events by contacting the FWC pet amnesty program.